Produce Sustainable Energy For Your Home

Solar panels can save you money by using space on your roof to produce sustainable energy.

Maximum Solar Production

Generate the most energy possible, even on roofs with complicated angles and intermittent sunlight.

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Tesla Solar Roofing Installations
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Tesla has designed their solar roofing tiles to be nearly indestructible thanks to their tempered glass construction. The roofing tiles from are said to be more than three times stronger than ordinary roofing tiles. 

Amazing Benefits Of Tesla Solar Roofing

The Benefits Of Tesla Solar Roofing On Your Home

Beautiful Aesthetics

Produce your own clean energy with no aesthetic compromise to your home.

Extra Insulation

Keep your home cool with insulating underlayment and integrated air gaps.

Maximum Durability

Made with tempered glass, Solar Roof tiles are three times stronger than standard roofing tiles.

All-Weather Protection

Combine Solar Roof with Powerwall for continuous power when the grid goes down.

25-Year Warranty

Enjoy a 25-year roof warranty covering design, material, weather and workmanship.

Why You Should Go Solar

Tesla Solar Roof

Produce Sustainable Energy

Solar panels can save you money by using space on your roof to produce sustainable energy right from your home. Tesla solar panels have a low-profile design and no visible mounting hardware. You can expect the following benefits from going solar:

Total Cost Savings:

Homes with solar panels rely less on the grid by capturing energy directly from the sun. Homeowners can offset their energy usage with solar panels and reduce their energy bills. By installing a solar panel system, you can take control of your energy usage and lower your costs. Learn more about how Tesla can save you money.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint:

Electricity from the grid is generated by a mix of coal, natural gas, nuclear and some renewable energy depending on where you live. Solar gives you a choice in where your energy comes from. By switching to solar, you will be reducing your carbon emissions and environmental impact of energy use.

Protect Yourself from Rising Electricity Rates:

Electricity rates continue to increase over time - since 1970 the price of electricity has increased over 3% per year on average. In contrast, energy from your solar system has a fixed price. With solar, you won’t have to worry about how the price of your electricity will change in the future.

Increase Your Home Value:

Purchasing and installing solar is an investment that increases the value of your home. Studies have shown that homes with solar are more appealing to homebuyers and sell both faster and at a premium price compared to homes without solar.

Secure Your Home from Outages:

While solar alone does not function during a power outage, pairing your solar panels with a Powerwall allows you to recharge with sunlight and keep your appliances running even when the grid goes down. Tesla Powerwall is designed to integrate with solar panels and can store energy generated during the day, for use at night or during unexpected outages and grid shut-offs.

Maximum Solar Generation:

Maximize your solar production with more tiles—that generate more energy. With a single, larger tile in each module, you can drastically increase how much energy you produce to fit your energy needs.

Best Value: (Pay Less for Electricity)

Pay less for electricity and replace your current roof—comparable in cost to a new composite shingle roof and your electric bill. Power all your needs with energy you produce and a personal utility you control.

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What types of roofs are a good fit for a Tesla Solar Roof ?

Simpler roofs will be less steep, have fewer individual facets, and more rectangular shapes (or large trapezoids). Complexity factors include: steepness, dormers, higher number of facets and irregular shaped facets, pitch changes, and obstructions (skylights, chimneys, sidewalls).

Tesla Solar Roof Wheeling Ilinois

Simple Roof Complexity

Tesla Solar Roof Wheeling Ilinois

Medium Roof Complexity

Tesla Solar Roof Wheeling Ilinois

Complex Roof Complexity

Tesla Solar Roof

Maximum Solar Production

Design and Installation

Installation Photos by A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc.

3x's Stronger Than Roof Tiles


Built to Last! Tesla Solar Roof is designed from the ground-up to be a high-performance roofing material.

Made with tempered glass, Solar Roof tiles are more than three times stronger than standard roofing tiles and engineered for all-weather durability, including active snow/ice melting.

Tesla Solar Roof Installation

Fewer Parts

Engineered in-house with fewer parts, The Tesla Solar Roof can be installed in a matter of days with complete modularity and advanced drone analysis, including comprehensive sun and shade modeling. 

  1. Tile Impact protection, water shedding, power generation
  2. Air gap wiring, ice-dam protection, cool roof compliant
  3. Underlayment water and fire barrier

Monitor and Optimize:

With the Tesla app, you can monitor your energy production in real time. Control your system from anywhere with instant alerts and remote access.

Tesla App